soma dear

By | 1 February 2014

watched attentive on yolky salute
on velocity so much honest living make this city
howl like when he left her to bleed in the school
what is trying and what is not a hostage stole
something that was a bear
it’s not i don’t care but terrible
sentences for why is tenderly the furthest
streams here paint thanks for it owned

through the code of light streaks salol
rescues from modern times
salol comes to collect the pus
a rampager summer not cheaply
not gently in removal of reserve

saltily talons embed sheets of coarse fibres
loyalist faints and vines the future split the decade of
who are so fast and defend affirmations of slipping away towards reification
textually speaking there are no polygamous tendencies between threads

elderberry slip not jelly of eyes
who is a guardian of our sleep
who is not an armed one but is dangerous
nor a mild one for a sense of preservation

the caresses to seek fool but heartily so

a saddened brow
who is diabolist mounted

how we are astonished by simply
repeating minor arpeggios outside of a circle
wood canals, struck here and bath sheets
and have kept it within folds without options

i did not know what to do / witcha life
books of adoring are where cuteness remains

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