nine minutes two seconds

By | 18 June 2017

—: ‘she’ll stay in the sea’ —[
seeing does irreparable damage]
although a person impossibly
revisits or reveals some
aggressive healing

what we did not see
<who the strongest>
the eye or cease to focus or ‘peer intensely’

how a ratio of mortality was
determined what did
the ice bath remind you of was
it like being awake forever or accessing

how many chemical reactions
could your body ignore?

the perils tasted heavenly
were like tender fruit
watch! surfaces! break!
<71m, Dahab>

some body parts last
longer than others

mostly peaceful now
command and practice

<who is the strongest one>
& then not a real question

the remains:
a rope a record
a right-hand man a
round of applause
a right cry in the air a
real fine thing a ranch
a rotten


like how she said like how ‘time
pours into me’/remained missing
records reading of static apnea
mythic barrier
a monofin

‘when you play with the ocean…’
when you play
she’ll stay in the sea
<who the strongest>

this is a voice i do not want
to own or even hear

moisturiser dispensed
by the kilogram and the
skin around my deltoids
needs some caressing

the metre once my friend
today, I discard it.

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