Cut and dried if only.

By | 18 June 2017

There are you game. Oh ergh another one of this. We bring
back note-passing and scissor fingers. And I fleece you while I unfleece you. Your person just attracts minor haberdashery. If I bathed you in warmth – – how would you come out? Your thematics were good and ribbed. The faces that we’re going through. But you gaze past what comes naturally. As do I do you? I also dreamt of hangman. Fancy, it was tautological. The waiting underlines. Ceiling matter gathers on your Tshirt. Okay I thought:

Thistle equates to poetry but doesn’t lead to it.

Sugar engenders sugar tears.

Mammal bears reflection.

Exercise chalks up or walks up
says ?

Sentimental is a good paddler.

Time can be thickened.

Not terrible is a truth and a sluice.


And then there was your twice-folded receipt, which provided:

Chai tea / steel wool / a place for my seat / a spot for my cherry.


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