Leah Muddle

Leah Muddle is a Melbourne-based maker of things, including poems.

(Where is the) art critic (now)

What I like to think of is the humidity, and the bumps, the horns; swash of trousers, heeled footsteps, breath of doorways . . . tumblers roll and clunk, eyelids snap, chair legs tap and scrape, shifty as a toey …

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Cut and dried if only.

There are you game. Oh ergh another one of this. We bring back note-passing and scissor fingers. And I fleece you while I unfleece you. Your person just attracts minor haberdashery. If I bathed you in warmth – – how …

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The hairline of people is nice. You could spread butter there, and probably some do. What does pat cheeks mean? How tender? What does *talk* mean? How do you say *gesture*? Focus on that today, as you make pleats where …

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flavour of

at home in right angles love of legged planters lifted by migrating bats conservative as mirrors we are deco symmetrical book-ended by sweet shaking whippets do objects do projects do back packs carry passion of rain passion of popular concern …

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