flavour of

By | 1 June 2014

at home in right angles
love of legged planters
lifted by migrating bats
as mirrors
we are deco symmetrical
by sweet shaking whippets

do objects do projects do back packs
carry passion of rain
of popular concern
popular outrage
popular dismay
popular tacos
popular three seaters
at home with rose-coloured patina
a yayoi-ed bedroom a yayoi-ed cat
a suite of spotted basil plants
cat puts kettle on in dreams

draw up the roller door to see
the dotted cobbles
the daschund set
the beret-ed moon
the bats the boarded archways
the new shop the old shop
the reno-ed shop the clearance shop
the sneaker watch bike shop
bikes going to work
bikes running cafes
bikes humming bikes singing
bikes growing snow peas
bikes signing tshirts
bikes soaring
in kaleidoscopic formation
bikes drifting
to heaven

it’s time
for the succulent
of the ice-cream
age of car-sized
need love liking
plump raindrops are caught and sold
as concept
post alley-way
post neo-macaron
post post cupcake
the cupcake is dead
l l cupcake

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