Mindy Gill

Mindy Gill’s poems have most recently appeared in Griffith Review and The Penguin Book of Indian Poets. Her criticism has been published in Australian Book Review, Sydney Review of Books and Meanjin. She is an Australian Book Review Rising Star.

5 New Poems by Mindy Gill

In the Oberoi, Two Days Before My Flight after Frank O’Hara We made all the right decisions. It’s what we told one another. A high-walled garden and uninterrupted air. The mahogany desk you claimed in an instant pens, new pages, …

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NO THEME IX Editorial

Amulet ‘This is not a Warning, it is a Threat! Happy new year!’ So tweeted the American President before launching a missile strike in Iran that almost began World War Three. The American President (for separate reasons) was impeached, and …

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Submission to Cordite 96: NO THEME IX

No theme, no rules, except for one: send us your best poems.

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In a Tranquil Period

The stillness of the street along the river, 
the exhale of the last light and the gold before it. A small boat knifing the water.
 These ways we learn to endure, without promises or permanence. This forgetting of particulars.
 As …

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