We Need to Talk about Caste: Roanna Gonsalves Interviews S Anand

It was a cool inner west Sydney evening in May 2015, alive with families out to dinner and bookshops open late. It was also one week after four Dalits were sexually abused, murdered, and their homes set on fire in Rajasthan, India, and three weeks before a Dalit girl in a village in Madhya Pradesh, India was beaten up because her shadow fell on an upper caste man. It was with the knowledge of such a blood-marked backdrop of systemic oppression, with the privilege of being innoculated from it, with the increasing awareness of its noxious roots and consequences, I began a conversation with Indian publisher and writer S Anand. He is the founder-publisher at Navayana, and co-author of Bhimayana and Finding My Way.

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Christy Dena Interviews Eric Zimmerman

Eric Zimmerman is a game designer, academic and educator. He makes digital games, analogue games, installations, experimental narrative games, has written non-fiction books that are key texts in universities and is the founding faculty at the NYU Game Center.

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Aden Rolfe Interviews Eliot Weinberger

While the prevailing formula for the contemporary essay seems to be information plus thesis – a collection of facts held together by authorial intentions – Eliot Weinberger’s approach is striking for a deceptively simple difference. Rather than drawing conclusions for the reader, he lets information become its own argument, however oblique. The resulting essays are open-ended, riddling things, many of which gain meaning in aggregate, like those in Wildlife – whose contents correspond between the animal world and ours – and An Elemental Thing – which come together to create a ‘serial essay’.

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Interview with Laurie Duggan (Ella O’Keefe edit)

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Robert Wood Interviews Alan Loney

I first met Alan Loney at the University of Pennsylvania in 2004. I was studying there at the time and Alan had been invited as a guest of Robert Creeley at SUNY Buffalo. As part of his American tour Charles Bernstein hosted Alan at Penn, where he gave a reading at the Kelly Writers House and met with students of Charles’ experimental writing class entitled ‘Close Encounters of the Third Kind’.

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Interview with John Forbes (Ella O’Keefe edit)

John Forbes | by Juno Gemes Hazel de Berg’s recordings take place in the homes or work spaces of the subjects rather than a recording studio. This allows something of these places into the recording whether birdsong, traffic or an …

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Image, Myth and Metaphor in Post-Industrial Landscaping: Edric Mesmer in Conversation

Edric Mesmer’s of monodies & homophony won the 2014 Outriders Selection, selected by Jerry McGuire, and was published in 2015 by the Outriders Poetry Project. The following interview took place over email and across neighbouring counties during the summer and fall of that year.

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Angelina Saule Interviews Mohammed Bennis

Poet and translator Mohammed Bennis began his career as a poet in Morocco in the 1960s, at a time when the free verse movement was taking the Arab intellectual world by storm with the Beirut-based journal shi’r, with the Syrian poet Adonis at the helm.

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Antigone in Aotearoa: Interview with Kefala (O’Keefe edit)

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Elena Gomez Interviews Kate Durbin

Kate Durbin is an LA-based poet, performance artist and teacher. Her work often explores performances of gender, femininity, celebrity and labour. She has written books of poems, including her most recent, E! Entertainment, and her recent exhibitions include Body Anxiety, a collective and online show, as well as Cloud 9, for New Hive, in which she asked women what they did for money while recreating a live ‘sex cam’ performance of their responses. She is the writer-in-residency for the 2015 Queensland Poetry Festival in late August 2015. I’ve been interested in her work for a number of years now, and found her overall poetics a quite rigorous intellectual project that was also amusing, open and honest. I managed to catch Kate between her busy schedule to ask her a few questions about recent and upcoming work, faceless Birkin bags and The Hills.

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Jessica Wilkinson Interviews Anna Jackson

New Zealand poet and academic Anna Jackson’s presence easily fills a large room. At the Verse Biography: Truth or Beauty? conference in Wellington last November (of which Jackson was one of the three organisers), her enthusiasm for lively poetic discussion and debate is clear – abundant questions and wild tangents exhibit a mind tumbling with ideas bursting to be explored.

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Interview with Dorothy Hewett (O’Keefe remix)

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