Holly Childs

Holly Childs is a writer and artist based in Amsterdam and Sydney, researching language and emotions in and of computational, ecological and cultural systems. Author of Danklands (Arcadia Missa, 2014-7) and No Limit (Hologram, 2014). Postgraduate researcher in The New Normal program 2017 at Strelka Institute, Moscow and runner-up in The Lifted Brow's Experimental Non-Fiction Prize 2017. Recent presentations of her writing include: within Angela Goh's choreographic work Uncanny Valley, Girl (2018); Patternist, a collaboratively developed urban exploration AR game demo (2017); Hydrangea 1 for Rupert, Vilnius (2017); Have The Dusk Deepen for Rogue Agents curated by Auto Italia, at Firstdraft, Sydney (2017); art writer in Adam Linder’s choreographic service Some Proximity at Biennale of Sydney (2016); Danklands [Swamped] for Liquid Architecture, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne (2015).

High tide, every poem ruin

I loved your frilled neck, Red drips off a cliff by the shore, Freckled nape, your love, Surfers, Surf in. Ruin, urin rinu runi niru, Something, something more, Around the wreck, ah, [ruin] [rune] [wrecked] [reckon] [buysell] [swarm] [drowned coin] …

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‘We mirror what we see’: Holly Childs Interviews Cristine Brache

Cristine Brache is a Toronto-based poet and artist. Her work explores the nuanced power dynamics inherent in many of our relationships. Brache’s practice incorporates video, sculpture, poetry and a multitude of limited edition objects, prints, t-shirts and publications.

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Blue Carbon, Intertidal

I hydro in dance notation backless strings nothing lies and water spills replacement verb 3 crucial points and older but damaged set 1 infinite loop II restart a bundle a bounce, that’s when reply through sunset, point out tint all …

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leik i kno u don’t think they buzy …

leik i kno u don’t think they buzy but like working togehtr irl liek walk enxt to each otehr but liek similar stimul is liek fractalzin or liek hologram lol liek insect eyes heaps ov sections STUF WE DK HOW …

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holographic diary only sparkles in the sun but this is melbourne

important notice: signatures will soon be phased out driving around paris like carlton tho pulp it he goes (dead europe) in brackets beatmatching time to think there’s nothing else inside me tho jimbo liked your retweet gr8 what I’m doing …

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