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Holly Childs

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Holly Childs is an Australian writer, editor and artist currently studying in 'The New Normal' postgraduate research program at Strelka Institute in Moscow, Russia. Her work combines research into diverse cultural phenomena — technological, subcultural, hyperstitional — to create obliquely political text, visual, curatorial and performed experiences. She is a former Next Wave Associate Producer and Gertrude Contemporary studio holder, and is the author of No Limit (Hologram, Melbourne, 2014) and Danklands (Arcadia Missa, London, 2014-17).

Blue Carbon, Intertidal

I hydro in dance notation backless strings nothing lies and water spills replacement verb 3 crucial points and older but damaged set 1 infinite loop II restart a bundle a bounce, that’s when reply through sunset, point out tint all …

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leik i kno u don’t think they buzy …

leik i kno u don’t think they buzy but like working togehtr irl liek walk enxt to each otehr but liek similar stimul is liek fractalzin or liek hologram lol liek insect eyes heaps ov sections STUF WE DK HOW …

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holographic diary only sparkles in the sun but this is melbourne

important notice: signatures will soon be phased out driving around paris like carlton tho pulp it he goes (dead europe) in brackets beatmatching time to think there’s nothing else inside me tho jimbo liked your retweet gr8 what I’m doing …

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