Virginia Barratt

the notes I took on my phone when V Barratt took me on a tour of their garden and asked me to water everything while they’d be away in NSW

Hose/by hand Jane’s garden Water Andy’s “L” And sunflowers along here Succulents above Sun hits at 7am, so before that If it’s really hot, water also when the temp drops Experiments on the bench, make sure they’re not dry I’m …

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say a body

fingerbirds mosskin sneck pours knoes meat fleet   and a gyre                                                                         centrifugal               more than eleven orifices               more than one oh!               more than one i               more than one— fattongue phantomlimbs torturemouth shimmerbody offwithher stutterheart everytthingontheoutside   swan’sneck …

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Queer Modes: New Australian Poetry

I did not want to build a falling-down house of rhetoric / Or even one that could stand all the huffing and puffing

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mMouth hHouse pPanic cCathedral

in the panic cathedral of the divine ratio in laon where uncanny angels sing mall music for the devout i leave my body behind the umbra of me —a dark ghost rising— ascending in perfect spirals of slowfast intensities into …

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