Virginia Barratt

say a body

fingerbirds mosskin sneck pours knoes meat fleet   and a gyre                                                                         centrifugal               more than eleven orifices               more than one oh!               more than one i               more than one— fattongue phantomlimbs torturemouth shimmerbody offwithher stutterheart everytthingontheoutside   swan’sneck …

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Queer Modes: New Australian Poetry

I did not want to build a falling-down house of rhetoric / Or even one that could stand all the huffing and puffing

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mMouth hHouse pPanic cCathedral

in the panic cathedral of the divine ratio in laon where uncanny angels sing mall music for the devout i leave my body behind the umbra of me —a dark ghost rising— ascending in perfect spirals of slowfast intensities into …

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