the notes I took on my phone when V Barratt took me on a tour of their garden and asked me to water everything while they’d be away in NSW

By and | 1 June 2022

Hose/by hand
Jane’s garden
Water Andy’s “L”
And sunflowers along here
Succulents above
Sun hits at 7am, so before that
If it’s really hot, water also when the temp drops
Experiments on the bench, make sure they’re not dry
I’m trying to strike them
Lemon tree, water,
Do the 3 little plants left of lemon tree,
Tree behind, a little bit of water
New sunflowers in the cornflowers
Baby next to it, keep it watered
Watering the zucchinis, and the tomatoes
Water little things under the illawarra flame tree
Clear the pond
Pansies, petunias
Around the base of the babies, keep them free of humus
The native lotus in the high baskets with succulents
Water, water, water,
Behind the broccoli, an indigenous apple, should climb up the wall, so try to make it climb “bush
tucker” label, doesn’t need a lot of water
Little seaweed succulents on the wall also behind the broccoli/cauliflowers
And various bits of rhubarb
Erimophela in front of the cauliflower, it’s happy when it’s hot
Baskets in front of Tony’s place, sage, blueberry in top 10 trees pot
Compost behind, there in the willow bin
And how to turn it over with
5-6 enzyme sprays, add torn newspaper, egg carton and leaves otherwise it’ll get too wet
Another hose on that side
Succulents along toward the front door
Left of the front door, these will die off, new little natives there are happy in the sun
Styrofoam box, tomatoes
Butterfly net/shade: zucchini, eggplant, old broccoli in there and some parsley and maybe garlic, a
good water every day
New little tree, in front of the bay tree
Wild passion fruit vibe,
Pink flowers,
Marigold, chard, chilli, rosemary, water the purple flower tag, and orange tree
Darryl does around the lemon tree, we sometimes double water it
Don’t worry about Darryl’s herb garden
Leslie’s little garden area, V usually waters
Orange in the white pot is important and vine over Leslie’s structure are important
Happy wanderers and little natives need water,
And around near the car there’s another hose,
Natives, lamb’s tongues, and flower garden next to the white car and fig tree

Christine is caring for the ones along the wall
And upstairs…
Don’t worry about Christine’s
V’s are near the stairs
Watermelon in a pot
Tragic looking zucchini, pansy and calendula pot, and the frangipani,
Everlasting daisies that are just sprouting
Strawberries in styrofoam box behind the chair
On windy days, close it and tie it up (umbrella)
Some water in each pot by the bathroom door
Little zinnia flowers and a little lavender
Black tomatoes can be eaten when they go brown or reddish
Citrus needs extra attention
And paper flower cut and turned upside-down
Baby lemon and curry tree below
If it’s gonna be really hot, get the shrouds out and cover things up
They’re in the plastic greenhouse and peg them over things on the deck
Greenhouse plants need water and are always covered up
Power feed: a capful in a whole watering can with everything
Do it once with the watering can upstairs
Don’t do it before a heatwave
And there’s diatomaceous earth and eggshells if you suspect snails
Gloves and seeds and clips for the shrouds in the drawers by the back door
A tiny bit of water in the tray of the monstera every 3 days
Experimentally pollinating the zucchinis by hand

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