holographic diary only sparkles in the sun but this is melbourne

By | 1 June 2014

important notice: signatures will soon be phased out

driving around paris like carlton tho

pulp it

he goes (dead europe) in brackets


time to think

there’s nothing else inside me tho

jimbo liked your retweet


what I’m doing here is cataloguing/archiving my thoughts chron-o-lo-gi-cally

almost all of them

all of the ones that feel noteworthy I note

unless I forget them before I get to the page

which almost always anyway is just a text field

text field

we are safety blankets or toys to one another

alerts can come from people or devices, bots, code… alarms or messages, systems or

don’t discriminate

ibook clamshell,

baby vibrates, check up on it

ride around searching for unlocked wifi… ppl say “passwords used to be easy to crack
in 2003 anyway but nothin online yet”

twenty-four hour post office on Elizabeth Street closes at five every day

a console that enacts your every impulse no filter… seems unPC, will have to do some
research… could also just as well be your brain, your body

there is no undo button

“undo” is the action of shaking of course

not always appropriate while driving tho

i am so pretty sure, hook turn, hook turn, hook turn, scared of go left

public transport, physically crushing on buses

small-town and pre-internet modes of communication

same person separated through time

as we/they, same person? does 1 retain memories through time?

will u?

store them in story

if character drinks anything it’s imaginary

Hypnotiq, turquoise

a picture worth a thousand notes

she doesn’t do battle mode tho

camera people with GoPros on veils and pearls and

then i said “i thought of flowers”


we drank sparkling water because he wasn’t comfortable taking drink alone

(dead europe)

doing eurenglish

with soft accents

spring street

embedding reading a good book inside book possibly published online with soft accents

clean and beautiful. a good font. cultural skeumorph… literary skeumorph. nice kerning girlie.

text that’s biological

imagine how we will talk in five/ten years… tumblr really does a thing

visions are worth fighting for

more club music × lit fiction crossovers

using rocks from the desert floor to stay in shape

a life spent at one’s desk is a life spent alone

two of these lines are quotes

and it is more intense because

conversational English

conversational sex toys

sexuality, that is, the multimillion dollar underground trade in #melbournebikeshare helmets

a character called Barley, which of course means safe

future memories I can’t quite recall

I was trying to sleep but I could feel something in my hand like keeping me awake

threw it against the wall and it was my phone but I’ve still never smashed the screen

am I being too specific?

the public toilet has a time limit

self-cleans itself

what do you do when the internet hurts your whole entire body?

animal activist girls with beads in their hair

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