Ainslie Templeton

sun square on stomach

the charming ring of blinds I mount the feeling with staggering reluctance, stumble on the threshold, trip my gown howm I gonna robiticise this sentence and get snapcash deposit *now* I DON’T MEAN RHINESTONES a plasty will do just fine …

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Queer Modes: New Australian Poetry

I did not want to build a falling-down house of rhetoric / Or even one that could stand all the huffing and puffing

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Ainslie Templeton Interviews Christopher (Loma) Soto

Christopher Soto (aka Loma) is a Brooklyn-based poet who has received several awards for his writing and activism. Most notably, he is the author of the chapbook Sad Girl Poems, which discusses his experiences with domestic violence and queer youth homelessness.

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