sun square on stomach

By | 1 November 2017

the charming ring of blinds
I mount the feeling with staggering reluctance,
stumble on the threshold, trip my gown
howm I gonna robiticise this sentence and get

snapcash deposit *now*
a plasty will do just fine doctor all I need is another
wound lol
should soften me somewhat
backfoot lie down clean sheet scrub toe organic
cuticle brush
the cis bitch has it so why not?
I will fashion a key unlike any portal ever made
I will cock pit and boiler room and cellar door til
all my cows come home
til the rains, and winter, and equinox, and the
eclipse in my sign (♒♐)
retirement is never and it’s a privilege to get old
Rinse and repeat–take it on–wellness

Light is coming in the backyard and hits cockleshell,
gecko head, plush kmart robe
and green tea evaporates out of the mug that says
“65 and it still works”

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