Lyn Hejinian

‘A Fable for Now’: Kate Fagan Interviews Lyn Hejinian

In July, 2014, the American poet Lyn Hejinian visited Australia to participate in two events – the ‘Women’s Writing and Environments: 2014 Contemporary Women’s Writing Association Conference’ at the State Library of Melbourne, where she headlined alongside fellow keynotes Alexis Wright, Chris Kraus and Deborah Bird Rose; and ‘Experimental’ at the University of Sydney, where she appeared alongside Carla Harryman and Barrett Watten.

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BAY AREA Editorial

Neither distance, the Pacific Ocean, nor the equator can quite explain the fact that poets in the activist San Francisco Bay Area and poets in Australia with corresponding and complementary concerns, both aesthetic and socio-political, are pretty much totally unaware of each other. I would love to blame this on capitalism − on market interests, trade treaties, and copyright law, for example − and almost certainly they do play some role in erecting a barrier between us. But other factors must play a role too.

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Eternity goes on for such a long time that nothing can happen to disrupt it Laughter is encrypted grief, but grief is encrypted laughter, too Hardly noticed, another apple falls into the yellow grass—an event that changes the apple, the …

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