By | 1 April 2016

Eternity goes on for such a long time that nothing can happen to disrupt it
Laughter is encrypted grief, but grief is encrypted laughter, too
Hardly noticed, another apple falls into the yellow grass—an event that changes
the apple, the tree, the orchard, the grass
What’s the first thing that comes to mind when someone says the word
“traveler”: gypsy? nomad? salesman or saleswoman? tourist?
conference-goer? refugee? adventurer? explorer? businessman or
businesswoman? family member proceeding to an occasion, happy or
Now we’re going to go figure
In the city of music stands a fountain of pitches
Was it not as heroic at a very young age to have died as at a very old age to have
The sun burns every story to a crisp and leaves only a lisp, or lapse, palsy, panic,
or a princess pointing at something across another now
Thrown onto the land, set loose on the ground, put precipitously in place, a
person of modern times will have many modern memories—but not just
Why is there no one instead of someone
Watch out, you almost let yourself follow
The sociable book is ample and uninhibited, unashamed of its jolly
idiosyncrasies, unembarrassed by its infuriated sentimentality—o lucky
sociable book off the shelf
Distribute, puzzle, soap a rabbit, link anxieties, follow politics, toe snow
Survival can’t wait

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