Kate Fagan

Kate Fagan is Director of the Writing and Society Research Centre at Western Sydney University, where she teaches in literary studies and writing. She is a poet and musician whose third collection, First Light (Giramondo), was short-listed for the Age Book of the Year and NSW Premier’s Literary Awards. She directs The Writing Zone, a mentoring program for emerging writers and arts workers from Greater Western Sydney. Her solo album Diamond Wheel won the National Film and Sound Archive Award for Folk Recording.

‘To encounter the unexpected’: Kate Fagan in Conversation with Miro Bilbrough

On 26 March 2021, in a window between lockdowns, author and filmmaker Miro Bilbrough and I met to discuss her free-wheeling memoir, In the Time of the Manaroans (Ultimo Press, 2021).

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Review Short: Philip Mead’s Zanzibar Light

For experimental poet and jazz drummer Clark Coolidge, words are never impressions. They are sonic inscriptions, vectors, movable actualities. They alter by degrees in the company of others and in time. I started with Coolidge for many reasons; first among them, his stellar understanding of improvisation.

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‘A Fable for Now’: Kate Fagan Interviews Lyn Hejinian

In July, 2014, the American poet Lyn Hejinian visited Australia to participate in two events – the ‘Women’s Writing and Environments: 2014 Contemporary Women’s Writing Association Conference’ at the State Library of Melbourne, where she headlined alongside fellow keynotes Alexis Wright, Chris Kraus and Deborah Bird Rose.

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How Poems Work: Kate Fagan’s ‘Through a Glass Lightly: Cento for Beginners

We move through language, swimming on influence, arranging words into patterns that make sense for our purposes. An essay with an argument, an email trying to get the day off work, or a poem that tries to make letters do …

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Through a Glass Lightly: Cento for Beginners

The nasturtium is to itself already a memory. It opens its leaves its fire ribbed impression in the grass that forms like shadow. I see it plain as a living fretwork in the distortion of sound, press a leaf to …

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Hawkesbury Elemental

for the Hillbillies     Swamp hen, I say, before we choke & throttle over the mercury to observe sublimation at work: mangrove eclipsing to argon. The tinnie curves like an outfield. Another drag puts Fred on the floor, phosphor …

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Robertson Panegyrical

Kate Fagan's The Long Moment is available from Salt Publishing.

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Single Line Poem

Kate Fagan's The Long Moment is available from Salt Publishing.

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