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How Poems Work: Kate Fagan’s ‘Through a Glass Lightly: Cento for Beginners

We move through language, swimming on influence, arranging words into patterns that make sense for our purposes. An essay with an argument, an email trying to get the day off work, or a poem that tries to make letters do …

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Ledgers make light of the news. Policy equates practice, designates who is who. You book it, reveal the space where light might leak. All thorough, a pencil erases tremulous views. Numbers can dictate geography, as well as balances. (all the …

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Presence: A Chapbook Curated by Graham Nunn

When I was invited by Cordite to curate this chapbook, my mind filled with one word … presence.

Presence can be defined as:

The state or fact of being present; current existence or occurrence.

Immediate proximity in time or space.

The area immediately surrounding a great personage, especially a sovereign.

A person who is present.

A person’s bearing, especially when it commands respectful attention: ‘He continues to possess the presence, mental as well as physical, of the young man’ (Brendan Gill).

The quality of self-assurance and effectiveness that permits a performer to achieve a rapport with the audience: stage presence.

A supernatural influence felt to be nearby.

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Erudite licks embossed dictionary covers methodically. Rain is not gold, nor the colour of truth; merely green in essence. Subtext is always the opposite of pretence; underneath a scream. Laughter ticks proprioceptively especially under soft covers. Clouds can be beds …

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