Graham Nunn

Graham Nunn is the founding editor and driving force behind Another Lost Shark Publications. He blogs at Another Lost Shark and has published six collections of poetry, his most recent, The First 30 and other poems (Another Lost Shark Publications, 2012). In 2011, Nunn was the recipient of The Johnno Award for his outstanding contribution to QLD Writers and Writing. In 2013, Nunn has work forthcoming in the major anthology Haiku in English: The First Hundred Years and will release a new chapbook, I, land.

Presence: A Chapbook Curated by Graham Nunn

When I was invited by Cordite to curate this chapbook, my mind filled with one word … presence.

Presence can be defined as:

The state or fact of being present; current existence or occurrence.

Immediate proximity in time or space.

The area immediately surrounding a great personage, especially a sovereign.

A person who is present.

A person’s bearing, especially when it commands respectful attention: ‘He continues to possess the presence, mental as well as physical, of the young man’ (Brendan Gill).

The quality of self-assurance and effectiveness that permits a performer to achieve a rapport with the audience: stage presence.

A supernatural influence felt to be nearby.

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Fauna Sounds: An Interview with angela rawlings

angela.rawlings I had the privilege of working with angela rawlings in 2010 when she was an invited guest of QLD Poetry Festival. With that, I came into this interview with some insight into the wonder she could create on and off the stage, so when Cordite tapped me on the shoulder to do this interview, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Now, having done the interview and again enjoying the privilege of working with rawlings, seeing her inject energy and wisdom into the community, it’s a smile that has only grown wider.

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Poem for a.rawlings

I do not find myself in shop windows or the bottom of a martini glass but in the slick mouth of rivers — the unpolished face of a wave flecked with foam before it curls and breaks. Something of me …

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Five O’Clock at the River

The approaching dusk could be anybody’s dark lover but here you are by the river, begging for spare change. I have a pocketful of Kleenex and the key to my mother’s house. At your feet: top hat, a crow feather, …

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The Death of Poetry in Australian Classrooms

In 1982 Neil Postman first noted that the concept of childhood was disappearing in his book, The Disappearance of Childhood. It's highly unlikely that we'll be saying anything new if we claim that poetry is disappearing from the classroom. And though it is, and has been doing so for decades, poetry itself survives. It's just going to other places. To the small press, to cafes, to cyberspace, even to public transport. Perhaps, if we want poetry to be heard and read in other places too, our society needs to bring it back to schools.

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