Angela Rawlings


#gibberese  #gibberese ‘#gibberese’ is a dialogue across oceans. It’s a dialogue of land, fauna (especially birds), and writers who have mostly never met one another. As a component of a rawlings’ 2012 Arts Queensland Poetry Residency and subsequent legacy item Gibber, …

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Fauna Sounds: An Interview with angela rawlings

angela.rawlings I had the privilege of working with angela rawlings in 2010 when she was an invited guest of QLD Poetry Festival. With that, I came into this interview with some insight into the wonder she could create on and off the stage, so when Cordite tapped me on the shoulder to do this interview, you couldn’t wipe the smile off my face. Now, having done the interview and again enjoying the privilege of working with rawlings, seeing her inject energy and wisdom into the community, it’s a smile that has only grown wider.

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