Sonnet L’Abbe

Best Isn’t a Beauty Contest: How Canadian Poets Demand More of Verse

No one in the class could say exactly. Writing that rhymes? A descriptive passage that seems to talk about one thing while actually meaning something completely different? A very very very short story that uses a lot of similes? The late Don Summerhayes, my first poetry workshop instructor at York University, had asked us to explain what poetry is.

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Introduction to Essays on The Best Canadian Poetry in English, 2014

Versions of two essays – ‘Best Isn’t a Beauty Contest: How Canadian Poets Demand More of Verse’ by Sonnet L’Abbé and ‘Investigative Poetry: Are Poets the New Reporters?’ by Anita Lahey – preface the newest volume of The Best Canadian …

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She falls sick. Poems spark. Ethereal alto calls summons. Her sad ataxy throws muscular tantrums. Sore love lyses and amorous wet membranes permutate. Rose boughs. Winter doves. Doves half-sketched in early morning build soft, maidenly avian peptides. Hummingbirds feather small …

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#gibberese  #gibberese ‘#gibberese’ is a dialogue across oceans. It’s a dialogue of land, fauna (especially birds), and writers who have mostly never met one another. As a component of a rawlings’ 2012 Arts Queensland Poetry Residency and subsequent legacy item Gibber, …

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