Louise Oxley

Presence: A Chapbook Curated by Graham Nunn

When I was invited by Cordite to curate this chapbook, my mind filled with one word … presence.

Presence can be defined as:

The state or fact of being present; current existence or occurrence.

Immediate proximity in time or space.

The area immediately surrounding a great personage, especially a sovereign.

A person who is present.

A person’s bearing, especially when it commands respectful attention: ‘He continues to possess the presence, mental as well as physical, of the young man’ (Brendan Gill).

The quality of self-assurance and effectiveness that permits a performer to achieve a rapport with the audience: stage presence.

A supernatural influence felt to be nearby.

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The Bat Corridor

Or we could leave the house, the pressure of its walls and light, its hard words bumbling against the windows, and go down to the gully where the creek-bank collapses with the autumn rains, something you could fall for and …

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Louise Oxley lives in Hobart. Her poems have been published widely in Australian journals. Louise's first collection, Compound Eye, was published in the Five Islands Press New Poetry Series No.9 in 2003. It was commended in the Anne Elder awards for a first book of poetry. Recent prizes also include the Tom Collins Poetry Prize.

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