Alison Whittaker

Alison Whittaker

About Alison Whittaker

Alison Whittaker is a Gomeroi multitasker living on Gadigal and Wangal lands. She is a Fulbright legal scholar, and a poet and essayist. Her award-winning debut is Lemons in the Chicken Wire (Magabala 2016).

three poem suite

i. when to clean a wig a wig must always be clean or else develop a particular smell or else slick strappy heavy faced in all my years wearing wigs none told me how to clean one where to hang …

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not one silent lamb

1. a tuft of sustenance, adrip with meat and wool, pads the clay 2. a hungry metaphor born, it breaches somewhere out from Botany Bay 3. smeared on a frontier ill-defined beneath it bleats its grass-fed mine 4. there is …

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From me don’t take from me what this what I been learnin’ slowly. Seein’ time stretch out from me don’t take it. I’m seein’ slow-stretch-time stretch time before me. Don’t stretch away from me just yet. Take time. You’re learnin’ …

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