hey babe how’s you’re day

By | 1 February 2019

hey babe how’s you’re day
i tried to roast some veg but
yeah for dinner
ahahaa yeah you know what happened
could you bring cooked chook home?
already left woolise? damn leths
!!!! fuck
get something delivered

i can pluck yours brow, np
doing mine anyway
that big one midel drive me mad
sorry, keyboard is weird
sorry your day was bad
sorry, god your boss is a shiv
yeah sure i can get thai dont worry jsut get home
mass man?
massaman! FUCK!
sorry. the curry up the road

my day was good
yeah a bit suck busy and stuff but
sick but
yeah i should be find

how far you off?
ill get the kettle
sorry babe sure
see when you get h omen

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