By | 18 June 2017

From me don’t take from me what this what I been learnin’ slowly. Seein’ time stretch out from me don’t take it. I’m seein’ slow-stretch-time stretch time before me. Don’t stretch away from me just yet. Take time.

You’re learnin’ stretchin’ my churnin’. Clear me burn-burly knees just don’t take what I been slow learnin’ from me. Take it from the ______. From the ______ stretch me – I’m learnin’ –

But not from me. An’ not from tall buildings – they knit tie me up at me knees – an’ not short squat ones made from stones near the sea. Shatter them all – re-knit me knees. Don’t take just them and not just from me. What I’m slowly learning is that I am not learning even now even still even soon I’m stupid. Stretch slowly, stupid. Just don’t take it from me.

Take it from them them who knew just what M C an’ E can do – before you-know- an’ I-think-I-know-who. I know who the ______ is for. Who stretch it so made. Who don’t take it away. The ______ stretch not to cede just to bounce me back drag me by me knees. Don’t shatter it please.

          Squat at me knees tall the short short this rhythm, M an’ C
          build nothing
          an’ seethe. E.

See time see I’m learning slow so show. Stow ya yearnin’ knit together with me.
Crack me knees milk me to the trees.

The slower I get the less I lead. The more I stupid slowly learn the less I know I need to know. Concede to know to learn. Stretch me elastic bounce back me and flow. I am less scared more ready for scarred knees more snorted at more steady – the more I’m slow the more I’m slowly stretching back. Timeless future gone lean on my back.

The further I carry it the less I dream the more shattered I am by the growing sea the more knitted I am to the horror tree the more ready the more ready the more made the more free. Don’t take that from me.

I’m from it who from slow knit made me made slow knit of something just from nothing just.


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