seepage swan lake

By | 18 June 2017

and my own personal
culinary cosign and
The sateen of inquisitive gripe
like how do you usurp your own
ensemble. mmmmmmm… soft oriental
Suspension ribbon ; venus
xxxxxxtra small and bouncy and she’s a
maternal fibber
strepsil cinematic snack
exxxtra strong long black and three ballerina dieters drink tea
jessica cham young rider virtual eque-strain dressage mane event
Riding writing hard fast that will hang over
galvanised steel w/ concrete block with crimson red satin/synthetic silk printed
with my new deep dark poetry and have it draped
i think it will solve the exxxtra large issue of que peindre/paindre
truly luminescent and charismatic the way she
glides like oiled emollient swan through the milky marrow
nubile nimble and make up virtually undetectable

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