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Dashiell Moore

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Dashiell Moore is a second year Ph.D. student and tutor at the University of Sydney. The title of his thesis is A Relational Poetics: Rethinking Pluralities in Indigenous Poetry, and concerns a rethinking of contemporary indigenous poetics through the utopic model provided by Edouard Glissant in his work, Poetics of Relation. Moore wishes to prioritise the bilingual aspects of such poetics in order to dispel the illusion that political poetry is not itself transcultural and to foster a cross-cultural kinship that does not obscure or homogenize cultural difference. He recently delivered a conference paper based on this thesis in Brighton, UK.

Dashiell Moore Reviews Lionel Fogarty

To begin this review, I would like to make the most important of declarations and acknowledge the Gadigal people of the Eora Nation as the traditional owners of the land on which this review was written; and would like to thank Narungga scholar, writer and poet Natalie Harkin for having assisted in the editorial process.

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A Poetics of a Politics

When delivering a thesis presentation based on rethinking the methodologies for reading Aboriginal Australian poetics, a fellow postgraduate student asked me, ‘Do you consider your thesis political?’ I was momentarily floored. It was a question I had expected, and yet had not been adequately prepared for. In fact, as it turned out, the question was meant sincerely.

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