Amelia Dale

Amelia Dale is a retired poet.

Introduction to Catherine Vidler’s Wings

BUY YOUR COPY HERE Catherine Vidler’s Wings are in your hands: here’s 66 of them from a series of 100. At the beginning of this book is a black-and-white image of what appears to be an insect with six, or …

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Birthplace | 出生地

Translated by Henry Zhang and Amelia Dale People always bring up my birthplace, a cold Yunannese place with camellias and pines. It taught me Tibetan, and I forgot. It taught me a tenor; I haven’t sung That register is a …

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Review Short: Melody Paloma’s In Some Ways Dingo

The cover of Melody Paloma’s first poetry collection, In Some Ways Dingo, is a work by the artist Emma Finneran called ‘Into Stella.’ It’s formed from acrylic, ink and pastel on cotton drop cloth. Finneran’s work is interested in the material possibilities of drop-cloths: cloths typically instrumentalised into catching ‘the excess paint from Mum’s feature wall’ (in Finneran’s words) and to be eventually ‘rendered forgotten, formless, shapeless, degraded – to be dropped.’

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‘Refusing to be published, refusing even to perish’: Amelia Dale Interviews Ouyang Yu

Ouyang Yu, now based between Melbourne and Shanghai, came to Australia in mid-April 1991 and, by early 2018, has published 96 books of poetry, fiction, non-fiction, literary translation and literary criticism in English and Chinese. He also edits Australia’s only Chinese literary journal, Otherland.

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Dale and Fleming on as Commissioning Editors

Dale and FlemingCordite is chuffed (once again) to announce that, joining Rosalind McFarlane as Commissioning Editor, Collaborations, Amelia Dale and Joan Fleming are joining the Cordite Poetry Review fold as Commissioning Editor, Experimental Literature and Commissioning Editor, New Zealand Literature respectively.

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The Brandis Diaries

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Metapod: An Essay and Analysis

Pokedex Entry #011: Metapod is a Bug Type Pokemon. It evolves into Butterfree.

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Dogs are not an alibi for other themes; dogs are fleshly material-semiotic presences in the body of technoscience.          Donna Haraway

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The paper securities of new, precarious, tottering power, the discredited paper to change their paper and depreciated paper is a paper circulation, the heart of a boundless paper circulation.

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