Catherine Vidler

Toby Fitch Reviews Catherine Vidler

In the late Catherine Vidler’s first full-length collection of poetry Furious Triangle (2011), a brilliant book of poems using regular old words, the spores to Vidler’s entirely wordless visual poems can be found. There are experiments in the microscopic, such as through anagrammatic play and her ‘20 one-word poems,’ the latter of which highlights the contradictory and proliferative meanings within single words.

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Introduction to Catherine Vidler’s Wings

BUY YOUR COPY HERE Catherine Vidler’s Wings are in your hands: here’s 66 of them from a series of 100. At the beginning of this book is a black-and-white image of what appears to be an insect with six, or …

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whether the ghost is

demonic or divine associated with the house as real as he appears constructed or not strong or not telling the truth or not a good ghost advocating public justice still up to its old tricks true or false empirically disproved …

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