Catherine Vidler

Catherine Vidler's collection of poems Furious Triangle was published in 2011 by Puncher & Wattmann. A chapbook, Canberra Poems, was recently published by Ginninderra Press, which will also shortly publish another chapbook of Catherine's trans-Tasman poems, The Window and the Tree. In October 2016 a chapbook of 28 visual poems made out of and in response to 'chaingrass', a word from Bill Manhire's poem 'Falseweed', will be published in electronic form by Jazz Cigarette. Further chaingrass work in the form of chaingrass 'patterns' appears or is forthcoming in ,em>The New Post literate, Otoliths,, RENEGADE (an international anthology of visual poetry and language arts edited by Andrew Topel). A large collection comprising both chaingrass patterns and the original set of 28 visual poems is shortly to be published by STALE OBJECTS dePRESS. Catherine is editor of trans-Tasman literary magazine Snorkel.

Introduction to Catherine Vidler’s Wings

BUY YOUR COPY HERE Catherine Vidler’s Wings are in your hands: here’s 66 of them from a series of 100. At the beginning of this book is a black-and-white image of what appears to be an insect with six, or …

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whether the ghost is

demonic or divine associated with the house as real as he appears constructed or not strong or not telling the truth or not a good ghost advocating public justice still up to its old tricks true or false empirically disproved …

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all over the surface

all over the surface of the thick-set motel in the pool in her hair on the children’s breath in the sandstone cave at the visitors’ centre behind his larynx in the queue of planets in the muscle cramp in the …

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Stone bowls,

inflated to the size of small ponds, their brims shimmering with flowers. I see them waiting at intersections, walking the streets, at the square, high in the air, everywhere-

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One Line Poems

Closure The mirror shrugged, the sky blew shut, and you were gone.       Tradition He laid an egg every year. Every year a poppy in a ditch.       Story Now look! the plant said, and grew. …


Dunedin and Around

Arrival The light will let you know that you are really here. You will appear, both to yourself and your companion as bones, glowing in an x-ray, or teeth, exposed in a dark mouth.       Acclimatisation You will …


The Robot Is

the robot is the robot is upon us the robot is in my head again the robot is facing the robot is famous the robot is named hyperion the robot is well the robot is rugged and well the robot …

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