By | 11 August 2008

Stone bowls,

inflated to the size of small ponds, their brims shimmering with flowers. I see them waiting at intersections, walking the streets, at the square, high in the air, everywhere-


Each one holds an invisible magnifying glass, and won't be seen without it.

Jurassic Park

Under the sensible deciduous tree, prehistory shrinks to a point of view. Dew trembles upon the intricacies of a jungle: teeming tree-ferns, over-sized flowers, clearings, pungent mud. It goes for miles and miles. I gaze down through a chaos in the canopy, searching for Brachiosaurus, the biggest of them all.

Street lamps

Suspended over rivers and creeks of swirling cobblestone, they are like miniature cable-cars stopped mid-flight, letting light admire the view.

Winter trees,

enormous burrs, catching at the clouds.

Spring shrub

Like fish in a coral from The Giant Reef, yellow flowers collect in its branches, sway in gentle currents, catch the sunlight.


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