Jordie Albiston

Jordie Albiston's latest titles are The Weekly Poem: 52 exercises in closed & open forms (Puncher & Wattmann, 2014) and Jack & Mollie (& Her) (UQP, 2016). She lives in Melbourne, Australia.

‘through worlds & worlds & worlds’: Joan Fleming interviews Jordie Albiston

I first met Albiston in a taxicab in Wellington in November of 2014. When she learned that ‘Fleming’s pool’ near her home in Altona is named after my direct ancestors, she said, ‘All right, no more conversation now.

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Nd— experiments are conducted at the e+e− storage ring VEPP-2M in the energy range 2E=0.5- 1.4 GeV by physicists at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics Novosibirsk 1982 to 1987 her kids born during that time Norway’s Norsk Data peaks …

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this room is brain devices whirr in a chiastic arrangement refrain chorus chorus refrain carolling intimate concert with me o! such melodious gadgetry this room is house it’s solid enough for ephemera holding firm with a granite grasp the walls …

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Jericho walls always fall hard on the ear too many signs luxate too brightly the eye once we believed in a thing call it silence a thing like a thing like a song we believed in a visual dream call …

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A White Woman’s Guide to Indigenous Art

When you first arrive, the doors are shut, Big white doors, space off limits, nothing To see here, wrong day, wrong time, Interior closed to outsiders, go home. She is somewhere in there, you are not. When you return, a …

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Soul vs Body

Jordie Albiston's fourth collection, The Fall, was released in 2003 – read Matt Hetherington's review of this book here.

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