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Nd— experiments are conducted at the e+e− storage ring VEPP-2M in the energy range 2E=0.5-
1.4 GeV by physicists at the Budker Institute of Nuclear Physics    Novosibirsk    1982 to 1987
her kids born during that time    Norway's Norsk Data peaks then too with the NORD-5 32-bit
minicomputer which beats the VAX by six years so what!    Nancy-drew-Naughty-dog-New-
democracy-Nuclear-dawn    none of it matters when she becomes mother to angel daughter &
son    she does not yet feel his lanthanide pull    is blind to his laser light    walks past him at
concerts takes the same bus    miss! miss!    they are still "he" & "she" not "us"    25 years until
God forces things    & then Dear Reader the astonishing begins    a nanosnap in a late southern
spring    a beam more powered than the American Dream    o incandescent fate!    "new twin"

          it is a mighty magnet that connects us    we smash into each other like this    it marks
          us for life    a confluence of colours a duality of light an excitement of newfangled
          cells    but love so pure is dangerous & rare & one must take care    intense! intense!
          the kiss so bright the heat so huge it melts you whole before you can say "permanent
          Home" or "popular inversion" or "inertial confinement fusion"    one must take care
          protect from within    be able to say    refugees welcome!    rescue the reef!    respect
          your elders!    rape is wrong!     be able to say I-am-sorry-I-love-you-come-back-come-    
          back for the truth my darling is told like this    in the grim dark future is only cold    
          the soothsayers have spoken    St John Nostradamus George Orwell Jim Jones    it will
          come as we laugh or make love or eat    an Andromeda colliding a World War Three
          electrons finally forcing themselves free    you & me learning the latest buzz speak
          'tribulation'    'revelation'    'Armageddon'    'hell'    with Gog & Magog both clanging
          their bells & asteroids & strangelets raining on world    & Daleks descend & rapture
          upends & the fifth sun blackens & NASA announces "total existence failure of—

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