Anne Carson

Leaving Traces of Us: Queer Coming-of-age in Anne Carsons’s Autobiography of Red

Anne Carson’s debut novel Autobiography of Red a coming-of-age narrative rendered in verse, tracing the life of a red winged boy named Geryon.

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When Words Have No Equals: A Response to Lisa Robertson’s Thresholds: A Prosody of Citizenship

How far, then, is it possible to move beyond the confines of official languages, to find one’s voice? Is it possible to begin again, to reinvent oneself, and therefore change interactions with others, through language? Lisa Robertson certainly thinks so.

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Letter to Anne Carson: Work of Remembrance and Mourning

‘I came to think of translating,’ you write in Nox ‘… as a room, not exactly an unknown room, where one gropes for the light switch.’ I read your words and imagine you standing in a dark room, your hand thrust forward for a handshake with Catullus’s Poem 101.

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Sandra D’Urso Interviews Fiona Hile

To read Hile’s poetry is to encounter what it means to be a desiring subject in a contemporary world. Her use of vernacular recalls and transforms the details of everyday life, while gesturing toward the grand themes of a European philosophical tradition.

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Exploring and Renegotiating Transparency in Poetry Translation

To read poetry in translation, no matter how ‘close’ the rendering is to the original text, is to necessarily involve another figure in the reading and interpreting process. Readers of translations are not only receiving the work of the original …

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Lunch with Mussolini

a rhapsody in four courses Rome, some time after 1930     I should have tales about the politics we speak, recount how the Great Man sees Fascism’s future in the world but instead I recall how, at first touch …

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Writing on the Wall

My head spins – the audacity of coming so close to the Gods!

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