Lisa Robertson

Documentation: Molten Upset’s Poetry & Noise

Hannah Earles reads from poems written on her bed sheets while Natasha Havir Smith plays electric violin. Molten Upset is a collective name for us – Autumn Royal and Lisa Lerkenfeldt – and we were stimulated by a kind of …

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The Underworld

with Ayla ffytche There’s a place down there where the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Why are you doing lots of taps when it’s only a little sentence? Because I’m taking notes. I’m just going to make …

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Excerpt from Cinema of the Present

With your languid pose, your elbow against a tree, your flute, and your costume cut into diamond shapes. Simultaneously for and against this tradition of minor failure, you have acquired a cummerbund. You said we have both a colony and …

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Emerging Writers Festival Workshop: The Book as Experimental Form, Emergent Structure (Live Action Test-Drive)

In conjunction with the Emerging Writers Festival, Cordite Poetry Review is chuffed to present a workshop led by Astrid Lorange. Location: The Wheeler Centre Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm Available spaces: 16 Book your free attendance here. Be snappy about it! There are …

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Genderqueer and Trans Poetics: An Interview with Trish Salah

Trish Salah“I had the great pleasure of meeting Trish Salah earlier this year through the University of Saskatchewan. Our talk quickly turned to poetry and poetics, and has continued to be a great blessing to me during an isolated academic term. An interview with Salah, I thought, would present an opportunity for the Cordite readership to gain an insight into transgender poetics from an astonishing lyrical poet and talented theorist.”

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