Lisa Robertson

Documentation: Molten Upset’s Poetry & Noise

Hannah Earles reads from poems written on her bed sheets while Natasha Havir Smith plays electric violin. Molten Upset is a collective name for us – Autumn Royal and Lisa Lerkenfeldt – and we were stimulated by a kind of …

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The Underworld

with Ayla ffytche There’s a place down there where the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Why are you doing lots of taps when it’s only a little sentence? Because I’m taking notes. I’m just going to make …

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Excerpt from Cinema of the Present

With your languid pose, your elbow against a tree, your flute, and your costume cut into diamond shapes. Simultaneously for and against this tradition of minor failure, you have acquired a cummerbund. You said we have both a colony and …

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Emerging Writers Festival Workshop: The Book as Experimental Form, Emergent Structure (Live Action Test-Drive)

In conjunction with the Emerging Writers Festival, Cordite Poetry Review is chuffed to present a workshop led by Astrid Lorange. Location: The Wheeler Centre Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm Available spaces: 16 Book your free attendance here. Be snappy about it! There are …

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Genderqueer and Trans Poetics: An Interview with Trish Salah

I had the great pleasure of meeting Trish Salah earlier this year through the University of Saskatchewan. Our talk quickly turned to poetry and poetics, and has continued to be a great blessing to me during an isolated academic term.

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