Andrea Brady

Andrea Brady’s books of poetry include Vacation of a Lifetime (Salt, 2001), Wildfire: A Verse Essay on Obscurity and Illumination (Krupskaya, 2010), Mutability: scripts for infancy (Seagull, 2012), Cut from the Rushes (Reality Street, 2013) and Dompteuse (Bookthug, 2014). She was born in Philadelphia, studied at Columbia and Cambridge Universities and is now Professor of Poetry at Queen Mary University of London, where she runs the Centre for Poetry. She is director of the Archive of the Now, a digital repository of recordings of poets performing their own work, and co-publisher of Barque Press.

The Strangles

I am not contagious though dreaming up cities all night in compensation for missing all the additional lives, what cottaging makes palpable is only the flesh end and I miss them. Speaking privately all night, and beating them to a …

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Depth Charge

The bronze traveller is feeling at the top of the world a lake, slim and all tinctures following azure to cobalt to snot. It makes a vault the painted monarchies, Lord Brown or Sir Sam Jonah, emperors of the cryosphere …

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In the Škocjan Voids

Apples hang low their fat hearts. The lizard is an autonomous tongue champ of crevices, arrow reacher she brings to light and then to shadow the false jewel fools gold and ruby green, and emerald red he grabs, he extends …

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The Underworld

with Ayla ffytche There’s a place down there where the sun doesn’t shine and the wind doesn’t blow. Why are you doing lots of taps when it’s only a little sentence? Because I’m taking notes. I’m just going to make …

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Marlow One

Sky-head dashing through Chelyabinsk distant intimate, tumble yourself out shattering glassy fears, we know no other. Life has always looked set to begin tomorrow, its ancientness burns now the motorways and blasts out windows and boils the ice under which …

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At 2:40 his head is cleared though he is dazed and bathed in wrong noise, he cannot yet open his eyes though the light is less blinding than the earth. At 3:18 he raises his arm to wipe his eyes, …

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