Emerging Writers Festival Workshop: The Book as Experimental Form, Emergent Structure (Live Action Test-Drive)

By and | 1 May 2014

In conjunction with the Emerging Writers Festival, Cordite Poetry Review is chuffed to present a workshop led by Astrid Lorange.

Location: The Wheeler Centre
Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm
Available spaces: 16

Book your free attendance here. Be snappy about it! There are limited spaces.

The Book As Experimental Form, Emergent Structure (live action test-drive)

Following on from Tan Lin’s (not to be confused with Tao Lin) ambient novels, Chris Caines and Zoë Sadokierski’s durational media objects, and Lisa Robertson’s notion of a soft architecture, this experimental, collaborative and procedural workshop will set out to make a book under the given constraints: a time, a place, a set of materials, a group of people, a collection of concepts, the gentle tugs of translation.

At the end of the session a set of texts and paratexts made under the auspices of the event will be finished, published and distributed as a collective work. The question of labour will underscore our shared effort.

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