Sam Twyford-Moore

Analogue Bodies: A Conversation with Tom Lee and Zoë Sadokierski

Analogue Bodies is a collection of essays by Tom Lee, materialised as set of illustrated books by Zoë Sadokierski. The project looks at different parts of, and events within, the human body and historical ways of depicting and making sense of them. It aims to humour and, on its day, to educate. It was presented as part of the recent Emerging Writers’ Festival 2014 at the Wheeler Centre.

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Simon Stone Circa Whenever

I am Simon Stone. Or I am Simon Stone’s idea of his public image. I am Simon Stone’s publicist’s mother. I am Simon Stone’s publicist’s mother, standing over a garden bed, looking at the sky, and thinking ‘Huh, good job …

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Emerging Writers Festival Workshop: The Book as Experimental Form, Emergent Structure (Live Action Test-Drive)

In conjunction with the Emerging Writers Festival, Cordite Poetry Review is chuffed to present a workshop led by Astrid Lorange. Location: The Wheeler Centre Time: 6.30pm-8.30pm Available spaces: 16 Book your free attendance here. Be snappy about it! There are …

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A Z Xmas

‘The life of the party' both was and wasn't appropriate.

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no Reading Wittgenstein’s Judith Wright

i met x 'Judith prize Wright' x on the same wavelength of the media- release talking about talking about the self-portrait of i. who is writing the drysdale bicentennial memorial? who in cahoots? there'll be no new techniques of this …

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The Kenneth Koch Memorial Lecture

He will not be delivering the Kenneth Koch memorial lecture in person, rather he will present his person as a series of drawings. For the introduction he will draw correct pronunciation and a pun: a popular bottle of fizz (light-reading). …

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