Sam Twyford-Moore

Sam Twyford-Moore is a writer of fiction and nonfiction. His writing has appeared in the Los Angeles Review of Books, Meanjin, Cordite and on his laptop.

Simon Stone Circa Whenever

I am Simon Stone. Or I am Simon Stone’s idea of his public image. I am Simon Stone’s publicist’s mother. I am Simon Stone’s publicist’s mother, standing over a garden bed, looking at the sky, and thinking ‘Huh, good job …

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sue tameS MY BROTHER

my Brother never appears on media as much of

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A Z Xmas

‘The life of the party' both was and wasn't appropriate.

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no Reading Wittgenstein’s Judith Wright

i met x 'Judith prize Wright' x on the same wavelength of the media- release talking about talking about the self-portrait of i. who is writing the drysdale bicentennial memorial? who in cahoots? there'll be no new techniques of this …

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The Kenneth Koch Memorial Lecture

He will not be delivering the Kenneth Koch memorial lecture in person, rather he will present his person as a series of drawings. For the introduction he will draw correct pronunciation and a pun: a popular bottle of fizz (light-reading). …

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