A Z Xmas

By | 1 April 2010

Z is never alone, not with his collective hive mind
that keeps moving, moving towards getting to know
more people. Even on a sexless Christmas, where
I played the yuletide eunuch and sulked, he was still
the light of the living dead. He gifted you a stop watch
just to see how fast you could get away from him.
The gold cracker you shared split and sent silly string
over the gherkin jar. Z laughed so hard that it tipped
over and sent briney green all over your cherry red
Christmas slip. He apologised and went and ate the dog.
‘The life of the party' both was and wasn't appropriate.
Older relatives whispered into mistletoe napkins and
asked if he was all there. He has more brains than Einstein,
but they're all in storage and the cells are dead, the synapses
out of range. It doesn't make for great holiday conversation,
and the game of charades was unforgivingly slow, but there
were certainly no left-overs come boxing day, the turkey
nothing but dry bones, a grave reminder of more fun.

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