Tom Lee

Tom Lee is a Sydney based poet who recently completed his doctoral thesis on the prose fiction of the late W. G. Sebald. He is interested in how syntactical and non-syntactical forms of writing interact with perception and thinking. His poetry and criticism has featured in Environmental Humanities, M/C Journal, Rabbit, Overland Magazine, Southerly Journal, Blackbox Manifold, Steamer, and The Reader. His poem 'Plateau' was commended in the 2008 Judith Wright Poetry Awards.

Analogue Bodies: A Conversation with Tom Lee and Zoë Sadokierski

Analogue Bodies is a collection of essays by Tom Lee, materialised as set of illustrated books by Zoë Sadokierski. The project looks at different parts of, and events within, the human body and historical ways of depicting and making sense of them. It aims to humour and, on its day, to educate. It was presented as part of the recent Emerging Writers’ Festival 2014 at the Wheeler Centre.

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A Poetics of The Naughty

The word ‘naughty’ is etymologically related to the number naught. Winning, and its relationship to one, along with duplicity and its relationship to two, seem to be the only other similar contemporary instances where a number becomes descriptive of a particular kind of activity. But being naughty is not the opposite of winning, in the sense that winning is being number one.

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