Elena Betros López

Poem for Helen

Phoenicia, Ouadi Qadisha Levantine tongues– the movement in the mouth of our ancestors and things we will never come to know in assimilation our name normalised (the inside of the mouth) immigration restriction acts— but really, in other times our …

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Between Victoria and Valparaíso

I ride like an orbit round the circle of native grasses close by my house it is the day after my movement towards the other hemisphere was halted it was after being with the dancers in Alice’s class it was …

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‘Desire’s temporality is going to be perverse’: Elena Betros López Interviews Lisa Robertson

Lisa Robertson and I were introduced through my dear friend Marnie Slater following an invitation by Autumn Royal to undertake an interview for Cordite Poetry Review. I felt the need to be completely transparent with Lisa in stating that I’m …

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