Between Victoria and Valparaíso

By | 1 June 2022

I ride like an orbit
round the circle of native grasses
close by my house
it is the day after my movement towards the other hemisphere was halted
it was after being with the dancers in Alice’s class
it was autumn–– just, no the end of summer
these imported seasons are not a well fitted frame
the sun warm
the breeze against my body–– cool
the bike, my body and the breeze

and between them a transposition
a décalage

it was two days after a planetary announcement of bizarre proportions
it was sometime after our reading began
reading Lisa Robertson poems as a movement across the pacific
a South-South axis
between riots and acts of care
you said that everything was speaking and that the walls were incendiary
and between fires and megafires are new words
and worlds.
I continued reading in the city turned red

patterns of atmosphere and ignition
are like my movement between those speaking walls

and on the matter of unprecedented proportions
we are between disease and the governmental reactivity and the pandemonium
between our voices
exchanging back and forth
a space is created
to create a space–– even if facilitated by the voice record function of WhatsApp, it is still a space

as we were speaking parts of the planet were moving through us–– we were not alone
held by wind and dust

my body continues like an orbit
round the circle
between the bike, my body and the breeze
is this transposition
the cool waters both caress and hold my body
existing here and there
swaying in this cool pacific blue
a South-South axis

your excitement in letting me know about the wind
changed the length of the vowels in your speech

not an I alone

you read to me in my mothers tongue
a familiar language I do not know
what are poems if not beautiful sounds read by a voice?
You read to me from a continent I have never been and cannot imagine
yet I walk within it, carried by your voice
not needing to go further than a landing on the ear

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