Soloist intimations

By | 1 June 2022

Surface to dare, clap & wave
idly as blowfly lands on beer can’s lip
plastic Buddha cracks
his Borgnine grin
& Manager man sayeth: “Consider Sun Tzu…
Sisyphus, the drying wings
of cormorant…
Imagine riding the elephant”—
Heaving spring heatwave
red poetical jellyfish
rash, sweaty stinky armpit thunder—
“But the farmers had moved away,
the barn was abandoned and the granary
stood empty. And since winter was not far off,
the little mice began to gather corn and nuts
and wheat and straw. They all worked day and night.
All—except Frederick.”


“No beetroot, please…”


Meld song’s mire balcony daze sun-bright Tuesday
hangover. Drop saw nail gun currawong map
of Croatia—
Busted thong. Leafy street daydream
smiley life palaver. A job is a job
is a job. “Are you
for real?”


“What is the scope of your work?” Huh?
“Scope.” Recall Dinger Bell: “Ya got shit
in yr ears?” Add eyes. DOOR
Dear Sir.

Quoted passage – beginning ‘But the farmers had moved away’ to ‘All – except Frederick’ – from Leo Lionni’s Frederick.
(Collins Picture Lions: 1974).

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