(The most terrible thing about being a poet is: The impulse to attach meaning to everything)

By | 1 June 2022

I’m a dumb bitch because I do shit like
ask people to tell me what kind of potato I am
and believe them

I’m biting myself on the arm
I’m biting myself on the arm
because you told me not to but also
because it feels like. . . . . . . . a treat

I’m a contrary little piglet when I want to be
constantly nuzzling towards sensation

It’s so much more comfortable inside the myth

Am I at my best soaked in cream and pepper?
Do I seem like someone extruded
into a more appealing shape?

I like to leave the broken pegs in the washing basket
For myself as a little surprise
Because: without struggle
there is no growth

I like to make up lies for myself
and believe them

(I am the unstoppable force
and the immovable object

I am a Red Desiree
sexy anthropomorphic tuber
heavy-lid cigarette eyes
strung with pearls
smiling smiling smiling at you
in my sexy potato heels

I am a very special baby
who would
do anything wrong)

I like to believe them so often
I forget they’re untrue
this is called magic

I like to say:
If my self-knowledge wasn’t this powerful
I’d never be able to outsmart a genius like me

I tried breaking a plate once when I was angry
stood on the kitchen lino and thought fuck it
I deserve this catharsis

What’s not very satisfying when you’re angry
relying on other people
for your entire sense of self

Turns out
I’m a boiled potato
skinless swimming in butter

Turns out
I’m a forgotten bowl of Mccain’s Potato Smiles
gently sweating at the picnic

No one wants
a reminder of their own unhappiness

Everything’s a little greasier close up

Yeah, I’ve made myself unrecognisable from my original form
Yeah, I’m pretty sure I’ve got nothing to offer you except

A creamy interior
free of texture
A canvas for salt

My face in the shape pleasing

to 67% of the focus group

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