Two Shadows

By | 1 June 2022

The man was wearing a floral polo shirt. Meaning,
he’s just like every college guy in Manila out for
a quick fuck. Except, you were out for lunch, and
for once you weren’t in the mood. The server asked
if you wanted the dessert served early, and both you
and the man answered differently at the same time.
Your eyes kept landing in open spaces, and his remained
on your covered chest. When he asked you about
your week, you didn’t say that it was all about him.
But now it was about the kid on the next table,
the flickering letter at the front of the store,
the mall music, everything but him. Perhaps, you
didn’t think he would be that big, and you wanted
so badly that he stayed pocket-sized. And clickable.
After lunch, you watched a movie. And after the movie,
you went home. The rain, like fingertips, you were so
sure of it. The night before, looking at his nudes, you
never knew generosity so sticky and so far away
you wanted to eat your phone. Now, he sent a new
thirst trap. The sharp expanse of his hip, the video
barely panning to his ass. From experience,
you know that you can put an entire fist in your mouth
and come out alive. Today, you just let your phone die.

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