girlboss leviathan timeslip

By | 1 June 2022

most honor’d friends; leah, mesdames et mes yeux
gods, dolphins, dauphins and fascists
(good afterble, constanoon!) the year is 2020-something deep inside of a
parallell universe where adriana la cerva still exists flossin’ & girlbossin’ like helen
(of troy) in skin-tight leopard print and over yonder in the great impossible
queen di’s slinging big tennis dialectic w ms. ruggerio hark now, hear
salomé shrieking! chasing fritz down the cobbles (with a whip 😈) what a time to be
alive!!!!! the renaissance commences, as it should in the middle of the
fifteenth (should it???), century new year new me new diet (of
worms) hegelian yoga to prepare the body – retrospectively – for the
state of nature to come: in this girlboss leviathan timeslip, where the 90s is taken as
imagined given the present moment never occurs, harry never met sally an
freud, jung, lacan?? never born no jeremy kyles followed only us:
the hbo original door-to-door medusa, sweet serpentine, laden, trojan, wheeling
and dealing jamberry thermomixes (on this timeline there are no illusions)
(or ‘multi-level marketing schemes’), no sir nor sires no one argues
about david lynch endings or accepts the love they think they deserve
elisabeth of bohemia said ridendo dicere severum, through what is laughable
say what is somber: watching it all happening like pi o (before him ////,
before her) the iphone groove in your distal phalanges the aflw players
kickboxing in the park hunger leaves no
trace on this diminishèd timeline ⏳ the laws of nature are eternal; and yet,
easie… … we do not suffer newton, malebranche, nor patrick batema
though violence’s most impressive trick is kicking itself in the head
in a quiet room near the edge of the woods there’s a one-trick pony
(named tony) playing buckaroo it’s a slippery slope to solipsism
the [homoeroticism] to [german- engineered consumer goods] pipeline
ecce homo, ecce… personne 🐸 even lauren conrad remembers
sentience; the beauty contest that started it all:
the bold (audacieuse) and the beautiful are all around us, here in girlboss
leviathan where nothing was the same and everything could be différent!!!!!

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