Elese Dowden

Elese Dowden Reviews Rebecca Hawkes and Claudia Jardine

In her Cordite essay “What Blooms Beneath a Blood-Red Sky: A Year in Aotearoa Poetry”, Rebecca Hawkes, author of Meat Lovers writes: “Poetry is so hot right now, the bright young rhapsodists proclaim (if largely to a devoted audience of each other). Are we just saying, we’re hot now, evidencing the glow-up since high school, the already-anxiety of what it will mean for our newness to fade when we’ve truly emerged and the first-book fetish fades?”

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most honor’d friends; leah, mesdames et mes yeux – gods, dolphins, dauphins and fascists (good afterble, constanoon!) the year is 2020-something deep inside of a parallell universe where adriana la cerva still exists flossin’ & girlbossin’ like helen (of troy) …

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