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Kathryn Hummel

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Kathryn Hummel is the author of four volumes of poetry, Poems from Here, The Bangalore Set, The Body That Holds and splashback. Her fifth book, Lamentville, is forthcoming with Singapore’s Math Paper Press. Uncollected, her digital media / poetry, non-fiction, fiction and scholarly research has been published and presented worldwide. Winner of the NEC / Meanjin Essay Writing Competition (1997) and the Melbourne Lord Mayor’s Dorothy Porter Award for poetry (2013). Her writing has been nominated for the Pushcart Prize (2013), The Atlas Review’s Open Non-Fiction Chapbook competition (2016) and was shortlisted for the 2017 Neilma Sidney Short Story Prize. A former writer / artist in various residences, she holds a PhD for studies in narrative ethnography, lives between Australia and South Asia and edits non-fiction and travel writing for Australian literary journal Verity La.


An Unwitting Pariah: Kathryn Hummel in Conversation with Kaiser Haq

At the close of his poem ‘Autumn Fragment’, Kaiser Haq asks: ‘Can one write / Verse that is free of ambiguity?’ A more pointed consideration for contemporary writers hailing from Bangladesh is whether perhaps one should.

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I Want to Look Like the Girls in the Mail Order Catalogue

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Being Astrid Lorange

Green my vacant room for a minor player of the harpsicord. Can’t help my heritage, stout and beer-drinking: calves thick with muscle, tending to heels. Pedigree weak but soul willing (so far so wrong). University, yes, and such an adherence …

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There are solutions to and users of clouds ‘The world, you know, has leading cloud providers,’ as Ruskin was wont to say of Modern Painters and their landscapes Clouds offer an unparalleled user experience Their architecture (cumulus, cirrus, stratus) promotes …

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What Not to Include

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