By | 1 November 2015

There are solutions to
and users of

‘The world, you know, has leading cloud providers,’
as Ruskin was wont to say of Modern Painters
and their landscapes

Clouds offer an unparalleled user experience
Their architecture (cumulus, cirrus, stratus) promotes

Adopted with confidence,
clouds can be used
how and when
you want

They are created with you in mind

Cloud experts are no angels
but we do want your transition
to a cloud-based environment
to roll by smoothly

We evaluate the sensitivity of data
you may wish to transfer
Not everything is designed for this atmosphere;
not every cloud has a silver lining

Cloud migration is suitable
for only a chosen few
A hybrid cloud environment,
you may find,
harbours challenges and complexities

We therefore urge you to take advantage of our
cloud advisory services
and extended weather forecast

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