Hera Lindsay Bird

‘The concept of risk is intensely personal’: Jonno Révanche Interviews Hera Lindsay Bird

New Zealand writer Hera Lindsey Bird has been described as many things in recent times: an internet poet, a crisp new voice in a constantly shifting medium, the sole cause of poetry’s demise, a conspirator and revolutionary, historical necromancer, albatross, a stern jewellery thief.

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Tell Me Like You Mean It: New Poems from Young and Emerging Writers

‘Emerging’ is a strange word, and ‘strange’ is probably a cop out. It is often arbitrary, sometimes condescending, frequently empowering and often carries with it an incredible sense of community.

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Tax Return

This morning I went to see an accountant about my tax return. The accountant asked me lots of questions about my business expenses and supplementary income I didn’t know the answers to because I don’t have business expenses or supplementary …

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Kelly Malone Reviews Chris Price and Hera Lindsay Bird

‘Beside’, for starters, is a clever position for Price to situate her writing and the speakers in this collection. The ‘performance’ carried out by these multiple speakers occurs in varying densities of poetic language. Theatricality is created by a play between subversion of, and adherence to conventions; and between Price’s writing and carefully selected illustrations by Leo Bensemann (including the cover and frontispiece, ‘Mask’).

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